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Photo by: Adam Elmakias

Look at those smiles!
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Anonymous said: Topamax makes me soooo hungry but yet it's also making me lose weight, if that makes sense??

Sorry I did not respond to you, I haven’t had a computer in a long time haha. I actually stopped taking Phentermine and Topamax together. The topamax made me not myself if that makes sense. The Topamax made me feel so numb all the time. It would also make me be nasty at times. But when I first did the combo together I lost alot of weight, now my body is used to it so no matter what dosage my doctor gives me my body is like nope!

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I just started to take Phentermine and Topiramate again. My doctor prescribed me a higher dose than what I was on almost two years ago. I am on 37.5 mg of phentermine and 30 mg of Topirmate. And this shit is seriously the magic diet pill that every woman needs! It’s been a week and I am seriously almost down 20lbs!
Start Weight: 258lbs 12/9/13
Current Weight: 239lbs 12/17/13
Weight Loss Thus Far: 19lbs and Counting!

Can I get an OH YEAH!
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princess lea virabhadrasana 2 (warior posture)

for this really cool site on facebook

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Cleo Lima Fernandes